Thursday, 31 January 2013

My Welcome Mat

I stockpile art supplies. Whichever way I try to spin it, I have far more than I need and regularly acquire more. My friends have learnt not to let me into an art shop lest I spend the rest of the day and all my cash on hand buying highlighter pencils, flexible rulers, and more paint brushes than I could possibly ever use. It's not just rampant consumerism and fearful loss aversion that drive this hoarding behaviour (or at least so I tell myself). In the art world, one cannot say a red pencil is a red pencil is a red pencil. Every tool is slightly different from its neighbour. You never know when you might be in the midst of a drawing and realise that only Pale Geranium Lake can produce the perfect red. It's entirely practical, you see...


I'm Richard Seglenieks, an amateur artist from Adelaide, Australia. I'm starting this art blog to document and share my artwork with you. I have a large existing body of work but sometimes lack motivation to develop my skills and produce new pieces... it's just so easy to make excuses! This blog will serve as a platform to exhibit my work and encourage myself to remain active and engaged with my art.

Many of my pieces can be found on my DeviantArt profile and portfolio, both of which I update regularly. To give a taste for the kind of work I have produced, below is a selection of pieces representing the range of my portfolio. If you like what you see then please let me know by leaving a comment on here, commenting or favouriting on DeviantArt, or sending me an email. You can also follow me on facebook, on google+, and on twitter at @RSeglenieks.

Humphrey the Cloud
Building Blocks

Wave of the Future

Over the next few months, I'll be presenting pieces from a number of themes from my artwork over the last 8 years. These works are diverse and not presented in strictly chronological order. I can't share every single piece on here, so if there are any that you're interested in then please let me know and I can share some more similar pieces with you. I love to hear from people who like my work.

Future posts will cover my current projects, discussion of art and design matters, and features on artists that have influenced me or who produce interesting or unusual artwork. I'm always open to suggestions and new ideas; if you know of an intriguing artist or read a good article, please share! If you want to know more about me then take a look at my bio and keep reading this blog.

Check back every Sunday for a new post - I hope you enjoy it!

Change the World
Lend a Hand
Ancient Secrets

"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things,but their inward significance."


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