Sunday, 28 April 2013

Black, White, & Rarely What I Feel Like Doing

You may have noticed that colour is a prominent feature in most of my artwork. I enjoy bright, vibrant, borderline-aggressively colourful art. Just take a look at my pieces (e.g. Circus of Life, Finding My Way, Dreaming of Rainbows) and some of my favourite works by other artists (e.g. Expansion of Light, Centrifugal and Centripetal by Gino Severini, Alex Grey's work, or pretty much anything by Kandinsky). Art without colour can certainly be aesthetically and conceptually impressive, but it often feels like it's lacking an extra dimension.

Colour is one of the basic elements of art. Alongside texture, form, space, shape, tone, and line, colour is perhaps the most apparent feature to us when we view a piece of art. One may be unsure of how to name or describe the colour, but it's obvious to us what we are perceiving. When art lacks this element, I feel it needs to work even harder to define itself through the other elements. It's easy to make an uninteresting monotonous piece interesting by adding colour appropriately; it's much harder to make a conceptually and aesthetically dull but colourful piece interesting by reducing it to black and white.

As a contrast to my usual work, I sometimes experiment with simpler black and white pieces. It may not be as exciting as using every pencil in my collection but it's fun to do something different for a change (provided I have enough black pens). It's much easier to create solid shapes with pen than pencil, but challenging to keep the image to such restricted tones. It can also be a useful skill when black-and-white reproduction is required, such as in many publications. Below are a selection of my (mostly) colourless drawings.

Tribal Clef



See Tomorrow

Despite all the work I've done with black pens - I use them in almost every drawing - I'm still yet to find the perfect pen. I have a range which I cycle through for different purposes but none is really ideal. If anyone can recommend a good one, I'd greatly appreciate it! Sometimes using different materials can completely change the artwork.


Dark Set Full (#1 - #4)

Time Unfolds

The great artist is the simplifier.

Henri-Frederic Amiel

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