Sunday, 5 May 2013

Warning: Contains Graphic Design

Graphic design is another passion of mine. I've had limited formal education in the field; the extent of which involved a few basic Photoshop classes in high school. I've always enjoyed it though, and learned much more in my own free time. I'm still far from an expert though.

I used to think that graphic design was synonymous with digital art, but they aren't quite the same. The two are overlapping categories; neither identical nor entirely different. Graphic design generally refers to visual communication and presentation, usually digitally, and often as part of a commercial interaction between a designer and client. Digital artwork, on the other hand, can be a category as loosely grouped as traditional art but created digitally. Some of the digital artwork others have created is staggeringly impressive - just take a look at some of the most popular pieces on DeviantArt. While I doubt I'll ever have the time and dedication to attain that level of proficiency, I'm constantly learning more and pushing my boundaries.

In 2011, 2012, and 2013 I was fortunate to have designs selected/commissioned for the logo of the Adelaide University Medical Orchestra (AUMO) annual performances. Shown below, each is based around a prescribed medically-related theme (as per the subheadings in red). The colour scheme and 'AUMO' text were pre-set and the rest was up to me. It's a very different process to create something specifically for someone else and each time I created multiple draft logos but my personal favourites were never chosen!

I have also had the opportunity to design cover art and logos for a few amateur music artists/labels/events. A few are shown below.

Lastly, a couple of weeks ago I designed a logo for my indoor soccer team. Our name, Blast Crisis, is somewhat nerdy and possibly a little inappropriate for a social sports team. We're currently waiting for our team shirts to arrive (from a dodgy online Thai company)!

I have created several other logos/banners/etc. - some successful, others not - that I may share in future (including my preferred alternatives to some of the above designs). For now I think this is enough.

You want something done, ask someone busy.

Mat Helme

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