Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Photo of the Week #23

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I've collected lots of photos with my macro lens now. I'll share some of the more interesting ones on here over the next few months. This pair of busy bees stood still just long enough to capture a shot of both together. Since upgrading my Photoshop earlier this year from a very outdated version, I've been playing around with some of the new features that weren't available (or at least weren't readily apparent) with the old one. For this shot I made a separate layer with just the bees, increased the 'vibrance' of the layer and decreased it for the background. Increasing the vibrance is similar to increasing saturation but in a more controlled fashion. After a little experimentation, I think I'll probably end up using it far more than saturation to make images more vivid.

Adobe's description of the vibrance tool reads:

Adjusts the saturation so that clipping is minimized as colors approach full saturation. This setting changes the saturation of all lower-saturated colors with less effect on the higher-saturated colors. Vibrance also prevents skin tones from becoming oversaturated.

For some examples comparing vibrance and saturation, check out this post.

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