Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Can't You See?

We destroy our environment and subjugate our fellow living beings to maintain an unrealistically comfortable lifestyle. Our minds are highly evolved to optimise our current situation with little regard for the future, and our entire social, political and economic systems are designed to encourage ignorance and acceptance of the status quo. If one were to look at the modern world from the outside it would be almost unbelievable. It is not normal to ravage that which sustains one's own life - humanity truly is biting the hand that feeds. The hand that brought about and nurtured life from the beginning.

Our entire planet is a living lesson in the tragedy of the commons. The greatest shared resource of humanity is destined for desolation so that we can bleed another few decades of cheap globalised mass overconsumption. With mainstream media so heavily embedded in the capitalist system of greed, inadequacy and planned obsolescence, every new generation is born onto the hedonic treadmill; always chasing the next fleeting pleasure in the vain hope of happiness. Perhaps if we taught our children not to pursue happiness as a destination, but rather that happiness is found in the journey of life itself, then we could end society's inherent manufacturing of depression and despondency. If happiness is placed upon a pedestal as some grand goal to eventually arrive at, then we are being set up for failure. Pleasure is not happiness. Happiness is not a destination. Happiness is here and now.

But we try to pretend, you see, that the external world exists altogether independently of us.

Alan Watts

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Photo of the Week #40

Another experiment with night photography. I think I need to get a better camera to really capture good quality photos in poor lighting - my current one really struggles. It was also somewhat easier getting reasonable photos outside of the city and away from all the light pollution.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Geometric B1

The colours turned out a bit strange in this digital version, but here's the latest addition to my geometric series. Another experiment in shape and colour, particularly on the dissonance between symmetry and asymmetry. Depending on how long it takes to complete, I may look to exhibit the set in the next year or two.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Why Allah?

Earlier this year I spent a couple of months up in sunny Whyalla for work. Like much of our great country, it is an amazingly photogenic place. The air is clean, the stars are bright, and the sunsets are unobstructed. Here is a selection of photographs I took while I was there, with more to come later (and a few previous ones here).